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About YOU

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Presentation to submit by email

GVS “Wonderland Japan” (video help by clicking the title!)

  • time: 10 minutes

  • content: Introduce the top 3 culture shocks that you experienced when you came to Japan

  • purpose: To have the participants view Japan from the outside perspective of people with diverse backgrounds, and to have the participants realize the strengths and weaknesses of Japan as compared to other cultures

  • format: PowerPoint (or other software) slideshow with lots of images to aid in communication and mainly keywords or phrases rather than full sentences. 

    • Make sure your presentation is widescreen (avoid having two black columns on the side)

    • Make sure to write down the title of the presentation "Wonderland Japan" in the first slide.  If you want to add your name, write down your NICKNAME and not your full name (that way the participants cannot find you on internet)

    • In each slide, you should include:

      • The number and title of your culture shock (1 through 3) somewhere on your slide.

      • The country name (your country or Japan) or flag in every slide, so it’s obvious for everybody what country you’re talking about all the time.

      • Keywords that explains exactly what is shocking about that particular thing. Do not write sentences, just keywords. We need to be able to understand what was shocking to you, without knowing your speech. If you write too much, students will just ignore you and copy directly from your screen instead of trying to interact or understand you.

      • BIG pictures to represent what you're talking about. Do not use pictures with watermarks. Do not use only vector images or comics, real pictures showing real things are best.

You should first present the shock in Japan (1/2 slides) and then, YOUR country situation (2/3 slides) If you do not show how things are back at your country, they will not understand why something so normal for them is shocking to you.

You should make 1-2 slides about the shock in Japan, and 2-3 slides about your country.

We ask you to have several slides for each shock, that way you don’t add too many pics in the same slide. The more pictures you add in one slide, the smaller they will be and the less the participants will be able to see.

For example: 

Slide 1:

Shock 1: Vendine Machines (Japanese Flag)

(Keyword) so many vending machines! So many different products! 

(Pictures) different vending machines

Slide 2:

Shock 1: Vendine Machines (Japanese Flag)

(Keyword) They are EVERYWHERE

(Pictures) vending machines in very different places in Japan

Slide 3:

Shock 1: Vendine Machines (Your country flag)

(Keyword) No vending machines. Unsafe.

(Pictures) Vending machine with an X in red.

Slide 4:

Shock 1: Vendine Machines (Your country flag)

(Keyword) We buy drinks and snacks in "kioscos"

(Pictures) Kioscos pictures. 

Slide 5:

Shock 1: Vendine Machines (Your country flag)

(Keyword) Kioscos Open 24/7. You can buy almost everything (but expensive!)

(Pictures) Products available in the kiosco.

Then, you move on to shock 2... and 3.


  1. Is it widescreen?

  2. Did you show the shock in Japan?

  3. Did you then show the same thing in your country?

  4. Did you write down the shock number in EVERY SLIDE?

  5. Caution: The program and presentations will be conducted in English, but please be aware that the participants’ English capability is limited. Make your presentation simple, visual, relatable and your English vocabulary is as simple as possible.






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