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  • Taxes: As most of our leaders are students or dependent, and are exempt from income tax, we do not withold any taxes from your payments. The advertised compensation is what we pay. To avoid retaining taxes, we ask you every year to sign a tax form. Before joining our program for the first time in each calendar year, you will have to fill up the tax form. We will print it and you will have to sign or stamp it before the program. If we do not have your tax form signed, we will be forced to retain taxes from your pay.


  • Update of information: if during the calendar year anything from our database changes (like you get married or you change your address, renew / extent / change your visa), we need you to update it with us (and re-sign the tax form) by sending an email to docs@gepleaders.jp (make sure you say to which GEP area you belong to)

    • For change of address: send a picture of both sides of your residence card with the new address and your postal code written in the email.

    • For Renewal/Extension/Change of Visa: send pictures of the new residence card (both sides)


  • Working hours: as International students, if you have a student or dependent visa, the amount of hours you can work per week is limited to 28 during the school year, and goes up to 40 hours per week during long vacations. If you have multiple employers, it’s impossible for us to control how many hours per week you work, so be aware that is your full responsability to keep control of them and not confirm programs after you know you will reach that limit.


  • Payment: by default, the payments (compensation and expenses reimbursement) are made on the 10th of the following month of the program (or the next working day if weekend) by bank transfer. In some areas and due to high commuting expenses, we might make an advanced payment in cash to help you cover your transportation expense. This is always clearly stated in the recruitment and confirmation process.


  • About Deductions: due to too-often late leaders, we have changed our rules, and started deducting for those who are not on time, as the entire team has to wait for them and it’s unfair. The deductions start 10 min after the meeting time and per blocks of 15 minutes.


  • Images: be aware that during programs it’s normal for the clients (ex. schools) to take pictures of the activities to publish in their website when reporting the participants’ activities and we cannot control if they do. In many cases they will also take pictures of each group and it would be impossible for a group picture without the leader (you).  On the other hand, in some programs we make a video for the participants as a souvenir, in those cases it might not be possible to avoid your appearence in it (we will only publish this videos in the Members-Only area). By joining GEP database, you agree that we cannot refrain clients from taking and using your image during the programs.

< GEP Rules >

  • Pictures: leaders are NOT allowed to take pictures during our English workshops. Any pictures shared from GEP in the private Facebook Group, Only-Members website or chatrooms cannot be shared in any social media due to lack of authorization from the under age participants’ parents or by Corporation’s confidentiality rules in the case of adult participants.


  • No presents for the Participants are allowed, so please refrain from giving them anything including food, drinks or souvenirs (as not all the leaders will have something to give, it would be unfair for those who don’t get anything, plus the kids might be allergic to any of the ingredients, which could be a great problem).


  • No cigarretes in front of the Participants or staff. Due to past issues with this matter, alcohol is also NOT allowed since meeting time until dismiss.


  • No contact information exchange, no communication with the Participants outside of GVS is allowed.


  • Remember that NO Japanese language is allowed during the programs.


Be aware that if any of the rules is broken, the chances of being accepted in our programs in the future will be null.

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