Global Education Project is a collaborative effort between LbE Japan (a Global Educational Company) and us.

LbE Japan and GEP  partner to provide a variety of workshops in English to Japanese corporations, schools and universities.

Our shared vision is an interconnected world where every individual develops his/her potential to their fullest, in order to contribute to Global Mutual Understanding,

towards an Inclusive Society, and ultimate World Peace.  

in colaboration with

The numbers up to December 31st, 2019


GEP in Japan

The headquarters of LbE Japan are located in Fukuoka city, along with other branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

The main office of GEP is located in Tokyo, with local Coordinators in Kansai and Kyushu.

Programs are not limited to just Kanto, as we have many programs all over Japan - including the regions of Hokkaido, Nagoya, Kansai,  Hiroshima and Kyushu.

We, GEP members, are mostly university students from undergrad, to master to doctorate candidates and Researchers.

After graduation, many members keep participating as much as they can during the weekends, because GEP is not "just another baito". GEP has grown to be a Community that supports each other and regards themselves as part of a family.

We are always open to welcome new members as we are eager to keep learning from each other.


GEP in the World

When participating in a program, we become Ambassadors of our culture.

We come and represent more than 100 countries.

For sure you can find your flag here... if it's not in the map,

what are you waiting for?

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